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“Royal Topics products are some of the best products I have ever used period. As a bodybuilder and weightlifter I put my body through strenuous pressures and stress and being able to fully recover is a must. Now that I have been using Royal Topics products for a couple of months I have noticed tremendous improvements in my fat loss, strength, recovery and lean muscle mass gains. With Royal Topics I have also experienced much more improved energy levels as these excellent products help in combating negative free radicals produced during hard workouts. I’m very excited to be using laterally the best, highest quality products on the market as I prepare for the Pro stage!”

Mr. Michael HairstonNatural Champion Bodybuilder

“I like very much. I try to find the natural enzyme for a long time. At last I found the papaya enzyme good one. I know that papayas are valuable to stimulate the appetite and the secretion of the digestive juices- specially they got the protein digestive elements. I tried another brand papayas enzyme before. that was not effective.I don’t know the reason. But this brand is really effective and comfortable, very good digestive enzyme.I think this is real PAPAYA enzyme”

5 starAmazon review

“I have been using Royal Tropics green papaya powder and capsules for over eight years. The quality and efficacy of the products are unsurpassed. The green papaya is a wonderful digestive aid and helps in the maintenance of lean muscle mass. I feel that green papaya has enhanced my immune system as I rarely get colds. It is an integral part of my nutrition plan.”

Wally RothgebFormer member US Ski Team

” selected this particular brand because they purported to dry at a lower temperature to preserve nutrient/enzyme value. Originally I purchased as a dietary aide. But, Now I sprinkle on all food dishes just for the flavor, as well as add to smoothies and use in facial mask formulas! Pricey but great quality product.”

5 starAmazon review

“I love the Royal Tropics products!! For an amazing smoothie. I mix Royal Tropics products with Perricone fresh squeezed juices. It’s a delicious way to stay healthy.”

Sammy PerriconeMarketing Director - Perricone Farms

“Wonderful stuff! I’ve used it for years. A dentist prescribed it for tempo-mandibular syndrom, and we use it for whatever type of inflammation.”

5 starAmazon review

“Will use as a tenderizer, no chemicals!

5 starAmazon review