Hand Sanitizer – Germ Buster

1 bottle $37

2-5 bottles – $35 each

6-11 bottles – $30 each

12 or more – $27 each


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This product can be used as a refill for your small sprayers as well as hand and /or surface sanitizer. Reduce the potentially harmful germs/bacteria in spreading disease.

Industrial size 32 OZ – for home, office and industrial (safe) application.

  • Active Ingredient: Beverage Grade (Highest Quality) Denatured Ethanol (Alcohol) produced in an Organic Certified Facility from all natural product(s). This is NOT an industrial grade and/or fuel grade low quality ethanol ! Excellent formulation for repeated safe use on hands as well as contact surfaces for sterilization.
  • Kills up to 99.99% of all harmful pathogens/bacteria related to the spread of infectious disease.
  • Contains additive of Hydrogen Peroxide for effective and safe anti-microbial sterilization.
  • Contains Glycerin for maintenance of hydration in the prevention of skin irritation as a premium moisturizer. Glycerin is a super ‘humectant’ (possessing the property of water attraction) hydrator, which functions like a sponge to retain and attract moisture. It is the primary active ingredient found in all high quality moisturizers.
  • Contains Purified Water as solvent