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About Us

Royal Tropics is a privately owned company in the business of natural health products and well-being. With both wholesale and retail availability our product line includes some of the most naturally beneficial nutraceuticals known to mankind, including: Green Papaya, Noni, Mangosteen and more.

Royal Tropics Farm in Thailand

Royal Tropics natural health products originate from our beautiful farm, located near the town of Wan Nam Keo, 3 hours North East of Bangkok. This area of Thailand is also known as the Korat Plateau and at an elevation of some 600 meters; it creates the perfect climatic conditions to grow Papaya, Noni, Mangosteen, and Passion fruit.

There are 60 acres of planted orchards, along with our processing factory. We grow and process at the same location. This gives us a chance to provide our customers with the very freshest ingredients. We can pick in the morning, process in the afternoon and ship the next day by Fed Ex! Our customers in the US and Europe can have their order, fresh from the farm, from start to delivery in less than 7 days.

We only use
local labor

Who benefit financially from sharing their ancient knowledge and their countries natural gifts

Our Philosophy

Our company philosophy is simple; we offer good health and well being by the use of 100% natural health products, without any additives, or chemical additions. The Noni, Papaya and Mangosteen products we sell all have health benefits, we look forward to bringing you the very best of the tropics.


All of our products are made exclusively by Royal Tropics. Royal Tropics is the trade name for a line of natural nutritional products, which are marketed through distributors and on our website. We sell a range of health products which we continually try to expand, as and when we produce a new beneficial product.

Royal Tropics has extensive experience in processing and sourcing raw materials from around the globe, supplying you the customer with the very best in natural health products.

The Very Best In Natural Health Products