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Gac Fruit - Enhance Eye Sight, High in Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, and Lycopene. Helps Night Vision.

Royal Tropics Produce 100% Natural Gac Fruit

Gac Fruit “ The Super Fruit”

Gac fruit certainly deserves its place, as one of the ‘super fruits’ of our planet; packed full of goodness, bursting with vitamin C, an abundance of lycopene and considerable amounts of beta-carotene; Gac fruit is without question one of the most exciting fruits to come to people’s attention since the early days of Noni !


Gac Fruit “ The Buzz”

As more people ventured to South East Asia and in particular Vietnam, the fruit began to get noticed and it is now creating a incredible buzz in the health food markets. Royal Tropics are right at the forefront of this new fruit and are able to bring you Gac fruit’s health benefits in a simple, easy to use form.

Dried Gac Fruit Powder. Dried Gac Fruit Powder.

Gac Fruit “The Secret”

Originally found in South East Asia, Gac fruit has remained a well kept secret for centuries, used primarily as a food and medicine in countries such as Vietnam and Laos. Known for centuries as one of the best fruits to use for various ailments, the Vietnamese people have used it to promote healthy eyesight, enhance longevity and increase energy.


Gac Fruit “Packed Full of Nutrients”

Gac fruit is often cooked with rice and is traditionally served during festive occasions. The fruit is also frequently used as a traditional remedy for arthritis, and cardiovascular and macular degeneration. Studies on this fruit found it to be amongst the most nutrient-dense fruits known, containing high concentrations of beta-carotene and lycopene, besides other nutrients.

The Facts

Laboratory testing and scientific research have shown that Gac Fruit contains:
70 Times More Lycopene Than Tomatoes
20 Times More Beto-carotene Than Carrots
40 Times More Vitamin C Than Oranges
40 Times More Zeaxanthin Than Yellow Corn

Gac Fruit “The Conclusion”

Gac fruit is without question a fruit that provides some extremely healthy ingredients. The fruit is packed full of nutrients, that for decades, have been known to be good for you. In fact in South East Asia they have known for centuries and used it sparingly in all manner of various ailments. There is no doubt it is packed full of goodness and with the facts above, it is hard not to see the benefits. If you are interested in purchasing small quantities, then please go to our web store , where you can order the 100% natural Gac Fruit Powder, or any of our other health products. We look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to this new and exciting fruit ! If you are interested in a bulk purchase of Gac Fruit powder at wholesale prices, then please got our web site

Dried Gac Fruit Seeds.
Dried Gac Fruit Seeds.