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Oat Grass Powder

High in Chlorophyll and Antioxidants: Add to a smoothie - $16.50 per pound

oat grass powder

This Oat Grass is harvested when it reaches its nutritional peak and is processed for use as a nutritional ingredient. It is high in chlorophyll and this is evident because it is a vivid green. Aside from all the helpful chlorophyll, Oat Grass has vital nutrients like Vitamins A, B, C and K as well as pantothenic acid. This lush cereal grass is also rich in protein and a variety of other mineral such as iron, zinc and manganese.

Oat grass is known to aid in heart health, as it lowers cholesterol and will help in lowering blood sugar. Oat grass can play a role in helping to heal the liver. It is very important to keep our liver healthy as our liver breaks down all foods.