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I love the Royal Tropics products!! For an amazing smoothie. I mix Royal Tropics products with Perricone fresh squeezed juices. It’s a delicious way to stay healthy.”
Sammy Perricone
Marketing Director
Perricone Juice/Perricone Farms
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Royal Tropics produce 100% natural health products!



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Great for lower back, shoulders, arms and sports injuries

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Available: Certified Organic Mangosteen
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For over a thousand years the indigenous peoples of Thailand, Hawaii and the South Pacific have known of the medicinal value and health benefits of these natural fruits. Noni, papaya and mangosteen have been used extensively to assist in the improvement of one’s health, natural well being and in the treatment of various ailments. Nature has provided us with so many wonderful gifts and these three treasures, noni, papaya and mangosteen are some of its shining examples.

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For the inhabitants of these tropical regions, enjoying the benefits of natures purity, is as simple as picking it off the tree; whether that be the papaya tree, mangosteen tree or the noni plant ! However for many of us it is not so simple. So here at Royal Tropics we offer you the wonderful benefits of these natural foods in various, easily digestible forms, delivered direct to your front door.

For a little over 20 years, Royal Tropics have provided various health products derived from these fruits, to many satisfied customers all over the world. Our health products are 100% natural. They are free of any additives as well as being cultivated and produced naturally, without any genetic modifications or harmful chemicals. We only use local labor, who benefit financially from sharing their ancient knowledge and their countries natural gifts.

Royal Tropics has extensive experience in processing and sourcing raw materials from around the globe, supplying you the customer with the very best in natural health products. The noni fruit, papaya fruit and mangosteen fruit are all cautiously cultivated to insure a quality health product. Through these unique methods of natural cultivation and production, we produce and sell noni juice, noni powder, noni capsules, papaya powder, papaya capsules and mangosteen fruit powder. Soon to be available is our newest health product The Royal Tropics Mangosteen Juice.

Our health drinks, capsules and powders can help in various ways and to find out more about their individual health benefits, please see the information section of the Royal Tropics web site. To put it simply, they have varying compounds that can greatly benefit our health and can be used, such as in assisting our digestion, dieting and fasting; as well as weight loss, reducing stress and increasing the overall feeling of well being. They also contain various other properties that show positive signs in being used as an antioxidant, anti-histamine and anti-bacterial compound.

The healthful benefits of noni, papaya and mangosteen are backed by the combined voice of generations of people; the confirmation of scientific research and the wholehearted loyalty of our customers all over the globe. As a health product there is no question that noni, papaya and mangosteen have beneficial compounds that increase your natural well being.

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